Meet Neil.

Neil Ternet loves to ride. Wet or dry. Mountains or desert. It doesn’t matter � Neil has ridden through it. As he traveled from one state to the next, Neil began to notice the growing call for ATVs and UTVs to be “road safe.” One state after another began to require his ATV to have a horn and turn signals.

For a guy whose idea of fun is restoring cars, trucks and even army jeeps, this was not a problem. A few long nights in the garage and Neil was back on the trails with a fully functioning signal and horn kit. The lights were neatly mounted. All wiring was hidden. Best of all, the entire unit was made into a single, simple wiring harness. Neil’s signals weren’t just easy on the eyes, they were easy to install.

Out on the trails, folks began to take notice. A few favors for friends turned into requests from strangers � it seemed everyone wanted Neil’s light kits. So Neil did the only thing a brilliant, adventure-seeking man could do. He created Dux Signal Kits. From a modest beginning in his backyard garage, to the online source for aftermarket light kits, Dux Signal Kits is a true American success story.